What’s Pinterest & How Does it Work?

Pinterest is the latest social networking website that has managed to attract over 25,000 million users a month since it first appeared on the web in 2010. The site uses a pin board and photo sharing platform that allows members to pin photos, notes and other types of documents that is centered on their interests and the things that they enjoy. Members can also share their photos by placing them in the same categories with people who share similar interests. The site was founded by Ben Sibermann, Paul Scierra and Evan Sharp and it’s managed by Cold Brew Labs.

Once a user joins Pinterest, he or she can upload photos to their page and file them on different boards. Once a member is logged onto the site they can search for other users who have similar tastes. Users can then follow other member boards and leave comments. Users can upload videos and organize their media in the form of pins. Once the pins are placed onto the site’s main page and can be easily viewed by other members. Users can save whatever types of photos that they see on the main page to their personalized boards. Before uploading photos or videos users must agree to allow other members to have access to their material because this is one feature that makes Pinterest unique. Users can also upload media or pins from other online sources.

Up until August of 2012 users had to receive an invitation in order to be accepted onto Pinterest but people can now sign up onto the site without being invited. Pinterest is also designed to work with other major social network sites such as Facebook. With the use of links users can connect their photos or videos from another social networking site back to Pinterest. This allows users to constantly add pictures to their site and to easily follow other user boards. Pinterest has launched an app that allows users to easily connect to Pinterest through their mobile devices. Businesses and industries can also benefit from the use of Pinterest. The site has exclusive business accounts that organizations can use to advertise and grow their businesses. Pinterest is a growing online business that is worth 200 million dollars and it plans on expanding its services and user base in the future.