Top 6 Makeup Tips From Makeup Artists

Top 6 Makeup Tips From Makeup ArtistsDon’t you wish you had a makeup artist to get the flawless look? Instead of hiring a professional makeup artist try these tips to get the flawless look all by yourself.

The place to start is with the right tools and products. Spend a little extra money and invest in good quality tools and products. With the right tools use the right technique, hold the brushes in the center to make sure that your whole face gets even coverage. This along with quality makeup helps add a professional touch.

A celebrity always looks so natural and put together because their makeup isn’t caked on it looks like she just has beautiful skin. You need to start with foundation to get that fresh, perfect skin look but you don’t want to go heavy. To get the natural look mix your primer and foundation together. This gives you an all over even tone without being heavy so you look like you just have beautifully even toned skin.

To get the light to reflect in all the right places use an illuminating pen. Use the pen on the top of your cheeks close to your eyes, the light will reflect off and make your eyes sparkle. If you want to make small lips look plump use the pen just above the lips and they will look naturally plump.

Instead of using a powder blush on your cheeks, use a cream blush. This will add a more natural glow giving you the rosy cheek look. Add a little bronzer underneath the cheek bone to make the cheeks looks more prominent and it gives round faces a longer look.

To give yourself those beautifully lush, natural looking lashes without all the mess make sure you update your mascara. Don’t use a mascara that has been open for more than a month, the longer it’s been open the more it tends to get chunky or flake and clump on lashes. Using fresh mascara gently start at the bottom of the lash and get most of the mascara at the base. Then quickly sweep the brush up and out. Natural lashes are thicker at the base so the key to having natural looking lashes is to keep the heavy mascara at the base and lighter on the ends.

To end and keep your makeup natural but seductive, use a bold red on your lips. Start with a liner in the same color as your lipstick and line your lips then color them in with the liner by using the side of the point. Once finished add a layer of your lipstick but use a lipstick brush to make sure the lips are covered evenly. If you make a mistake a little bit of concealer will help, wiping with a Kleenex might smudge it.

Practice using these tips and in no time you will be able to show off you celebrity ready make-up to your friends.